Thorpe Park Halloween Press Night 2018

Every year during October, Thorpe Park do something really special for a guest list full of two hundred people. They promote the night to get all their customers ready for the upcoming fright of Halloween. On the night the theme park opens up for the special guests who will then walk around the park to film and capture all of the horror that the Thorpe Park team have achieved. The people there that usually go every year would be celebrities, bloggers and photographers.

After entrancing and engaging with the first couple of actors that were on the bridge there was the red carpet next to the bar and grill where there was free food and drinks all night. I still can’t believe I got to experience all of it. Four of the roller coasters were open to everyone in the park too. If that’s not enough entertainment for you then there was also fire eaters to watch and record along with the music. If you’re interested in watching some videos or having a look at some pictures, then they will be uploaded onto my Instagram and Twitter which will be linked below.

I was more than lucky to get to experience such an amazing night, one to remember I’d say. They also now have nine mazes to go and see for yourself. They’re called; The Walking Dead: Do Or Die, The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare, Vulcan Peak, Deep Creek Woods, Blair Witch, Screamplexx 4D, Platform 15, Saw Alive and containment. I’ve seen three of them for myself and I would strongly recommend going to experience the shock and terror for yourself.

Is there an age restriction for Fright Night?
It’s NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 13. Unless they’re accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. Whilst I’m on this topic, I might as well inform you that the horror mazes are NOT recommended to those who are either pregnant, claustrophobic, epileptic and people who also suffer with heart conditions or asthma.


Going off the whole theatrical theme that happens in October. I would strongly recommend this as a family day out as there is tons of entertainment. Including rides for adults and smaller rides for the children. If you start getting hungry then there is a range of food diners to eat at. Or if the adults are feeling thirsty and they’d like a cold beer then there is the bar near to the main entrance. There is also the Amity Beach. So instead you can leave your worries at home and relax with your sunglasses on, gazing into the sun. If by any chance you’re feeling too hot then there is rides such as; Storm Surge, Rumba Rapids, Depth Charge and Tidal Wave. Out of these that I’ve listed, I would definitely say the Tidal Wave will leave you drenched, questioning yourself why you went on the ride in the first place. But that’s the fun of it right?

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